You Are Empress

The Empress is the sovereign ruler of her domain. Cute and empowering, right? What does it really mean, though? Let’s break it down. You are the Empress. Sovereign means total and Divine. Your domain is your life and how you live it. In other words, as Empress, you are the total & Divine ruler of your life and how you live it.
If you’re feeling pushed around by Life, you are not in touch with your inner Empress. Perhaps, you’re doing what you think you should be doing or what society says you should be doing. Maybe you’re doing what your parents told you to do. It’s possible that you’re simply trying NOT to be your parents. Whatever the scenario, if you’re not feeling like you have Life by the reigns, you’re not living from the place of power that is in each and every one of us.
So, what do you do with that feeling? How do you stop being pushed around by Life? The very first step is to feel the feeling. If you’re anything like I was before I embodied my inner Empress, you’re reading every book that you can get your hands on, you’re taking every course imaginable, you’re talking to all of your friends and you’re seeking and implementing advice and resources. The one thing you’re not doing, however, is feeling what’s going on inside of you. I get that. I thought it was gonna be scary in there, so I wasn’t going in there. Then, I heard a character on one of my favorite TV shows (Hey, wisdom comes from diverse sources) say that she was afraid to feel the pain as if feeling the pain would kill her. That was a pivotal moment for me. I realized that I too had been avoiding pain as if it would kill me. I knew that I had to be willing to feel pain. The experiences that stemmed from that willingness were powerful. Those are for another post, however.
The next step in embodying your inner Empress is to ‘tell the truth and tell it quickly’ as my favorite Unity minister Edwene Gaines advises. What does this mean? Iyanla Vanzant said it best. She said, “State the facts and tell the truth.” Sometimes, the fact is that you’re in love with someone and the Truth is that he ain’t no good. Yeah, I said ain’t. You don’t always need to tell others your truth. Tell yourself the truth FIRST. If, after some prayer and meditation, you still feel the need to tell your truth to another, do so with grace and love.
Another critical part of the process of embodying your inner Empress is to have a healthy relationship with your Creator. I didn’t use a label here because this isn’t a religious conversation and it’s not important what you call your Creator. It IS important that you and your Creator have a healthy relationship; a way of communicating with each other that allows you to hear Guidance and you know your prayers are being heard. This is critical because to be Empress is to be sovereign and being sovereign means being connected with your Divinity.
When you’re ready to take charge of your life and live it by your terms, spend some time with yourself. Really get to know yourself. Develop an intimate relationship with your Higher power. Tell the Truth and tell it quickly and be willing to feel your feelings. These are the basic keys to embodying your inner Empress.
If you would like some personal guidance on embodying your inner Empress, email me: with “I’m Ready” in the subject line, and we can schedule a time to meet. Together, we will assess where you are in your reign (your Life) and how you can take control.
Empress Lila

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