Why You’re Already Badass

One of my favorite people, Makenna Johnston said once “I didn’t become a “badass” because I became a coach. I became a coach because I was already a badass.” This resonated with me as if someone had rang a gong inside my heart. A thriving business won’t make me a badass. I’m already badass! & so are you, my Love.

No matter how old you are, I’m quite certain that you’ve accomplished something in this lifetime so far. One person’s mediocre is another person’s amazing. Don’t judge your accomplishments beside another’s. Judge them against who you were yesterday.

Even then, I invite you not to judge so much as assess. When I look over my life, I realize that I am quite badass. I’m a badass healing artist, a miracle-making super mom, a martyr worthy caretaker, an amazing lover & partner, a really supportive friend, a very innovative mind and the list can go on. When you get clear about who you are, what do you notice about yourself? In what ways are you badass?

Coming up with crickets? Try this exercise. Turn off the ringer and all tech for 15 minutes. Sit with pen & paper and write down every. single. accomplishment of your life thus far. Nothing is to small. Did you learn how to walk? Talk? Read? Write? Ride a bike? Tie a shoe? All of these things count to prime your pump. Once you get going, you’ll find more accomplishments. If you have more when the timer ends, by all means keep going. Write down everything that comes to mind. You WILL find your inner badass in there. When you do, bring that to everything you do.