Who’s On Your Throne?

Who’s in charge of your life? Being the fabulous Empress that you are, I’m willing to bet that your answer is a loud brash, “I am!” But are you? Are you unapologetically living a life that you love the socks off of and magnetizing and manifesting miracles galore?
Or are things going wrong left & right? Are your plans not panning out? Are you having accident after catastrophe after misadventure? Maybe you’re experience success that is filled with pushing and struggling. This isn’t being sovereign either. Your life is your domain and how you live it is your reign. If your reign doesn’t feel elegant and full of ease, you are not on your throne.
So, if you’re not on your throne, who is? When people and events dictate your feelings and actions, they are actually in charge of your life (domain) and how you live it (reign). Is your j.o.b. sucking the life out of you? Then, your j.o.b. is on your throne. Are you in a relationship that isn’t serving you? Then your partner is (or more accurately your beliefs about relationships are) on your throne. Perhaps you’re living the life that your parents wanted you to live and not a life that thrills you to your toes. In this case, your parents are on your throne.
What are you giving power over your life to? Who or what is on your throne, Empress? Let’s talk about it in the comments below. Want to get back on your throne? Schedule a consult: lila@lilasimmons.com

Empress Lila

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