The Empress is Limitless

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In your power, you Empress, are limitless. How does that feel in your Spirit? If you didn’t feel an absolute, ‘Yes!’ I recommend you spend sometime time with your inner Empress. Clearly, you’re not intimate with that aspect of yourself and your inner Empress is the key to your unlimited power to Reign in your Domain (your life).  

How do you become intimate with your inner Empress? Well, because each Empress is unique in her process, I’m going to give you some processes that work for me and some of the women I’ve worked with:
~Silence – I say silence as opposed to meditation because meditation seems to conjure up images of sitting lotus style for hours. Who has time for that outside an ashram? I recommend you inject silence into your day. Turn off the radio during your commute, keep the TV off for 5 extra minutes, etc.
~Journailing – “Writing is cathartic,” to quote Tyler Perry. I find this to be true. I have written in a journal since age 12 and it’s a sanity saving experience for me.
~Grounding – Literally put your bare feet on the Earth. This is a chakra healing experience. My personal experience with this practice is that I found myself more able to stand in my truth and honor myself and my desires. This practice also helped me end a destructive relationship pattern that kept me in a loop of attracting men who didn’t value me. Talk about limiting.  

Give these processes a try on a consistent basis for 45 days and see what happens in your experience. Want to dive deeper? Come on over to and find more tips on embodying your inner Empress.  

Empress Lila

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