Self-Date Ideas

Yesterday I shared with you some of the delicious side-effects of dating yourself. One of the most common responses I get to that advice is ‘I don’t know what to do’ so today, I’m gonna give you some ideas for dates with yourself.

  • Take yourself out for a meal; breakfast, lunch or dinner. Doesn’t matter. Just take yourself someplace that makes you happy.
  • Take yourself to a movie.
  • Visit a local cafe and have a coffee or tea & pastry.
  • Netflix & chill solo. *chuckle* Shower or even better, take a hot bath, get into some clean pjs that make you happy, pop some popcorn and watch that movie or binge a bit on that show you love.
  • Take a class; a cooking class, a painting class, a pole dance class *giggle*. Classes are great dates with a partner so they’ll be great solo dates as well.

Where are your favorite places to go on dates to? You can totally go most of those places solo.

So tell me, when & where was your last date with you?

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