Practice Forgiveness for Miracle-Making

There are many paths to healing and I believe forgiveness is the most direct path. Forgiveness is simple, highly effective and can be practiced anywhere any time. For the purpose of Miracle-Making, I recommend you practice forgiveness before bed. Think of it as an energy shower at the end of your day.

This energy shower is important because all throughout the day, you create separation and resistance. You get frustrated with your children, your boss, your coworkers, your clients, your beloved, your self, traffic, the clerk at the grocery store and the list goes on. When you get frustrated, you create separation and resistance, pushing your miracle further away from you. When you practice forgiveness, you’re dropping the resistance, bringing your miracle back to you.

For a quick meditation at the end of your day, sit quietly, take a deep breath, close your eyes and ask, ‘Where did I allow separation & resistance today?’ When you get your answer, offer forgiveness to those people and those situations until you feel a sense of peace. Seal your practice with these words, ‘I forgive this day. It is over and I give thanks for each blessing it held.’