Party with your Shadow Side

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Self-acceptance is the foundation of personal power. Power to live your life your way comes from a deep and profound understanding of and love for yourself. You were Created deliberately. There has never been another you. There will never be another you. Judging your likes, dislikes and preferences is a sin.

So, I invite you to develop a deep and profound love affair with yourself. Get to know yourself intimately. During your explorations, you will encounter your shadow. When you run into this aspect of yourself, ask yourself, “How can this aspect of myself support me?” In Debbie Ford’s movie ‘The Shadow Effect’, she tells a story of how she befriended her inner bitch. She said she was speaking to an audience and a woman in the back stood up and yelled, ‘You’re a bitch!” After she recovered, she thought to herself, ‘When is being a bitch a good thing?’ Put simply, when someone’s trying to take advantage of you, being a bitch is a VERY good thing. I recommend you befriend your inner bitch. Every Empress has one.

So, have a Shadow Party. Sit with pen & paper and have an exploration of your inner landscape. Find all of the aspects of yourself that you don’t love and determine how this aspect of you can be beneficial to you. Use them as the tools that they can be in living your life, your way. After your exploration, I’d love to hear what tools you’re now keeping in your back pocket. Leave a comment below.

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