Pain Cannot Reign

To reign means to have total control over your life and the way you live it through your connection to your Source (I call mine God. You may call yours whatever you like.). An Empress in pain cannot reign because she is often too focused on the pain to focus on her domain (her life and how she lives it). So, the first step in re-gaining the throne is to heal any pain that you’re experiencing. This pain doesn’t have to be physical and often, it is not. Physical pain is easy to manage. Unhealed childhood wounds, poor relationships and unsatisfactory livelihood … well, these pains are more distracting.

In order to heal, you must get clear on the root cause of your pain. You must heal this pain at the root in order to be rid of it. If you simply deal with the surface (like dumping that no good lover) you will find that the pain comes back (the next lover is just as no good) and often it’s worse.

Once you’ve identified and removed the root cause of the pain, you must then plant new thoughts, actions and beliefs that will magnetize to you the things that you do want in your life (your dream career flourishing like magic, perhaps). Repetition and a process that you’ll stick with is key. When you decide what you want, tell yourself that new story as if it is already your reality. There are many processes for doing this. We can work together to find the process that works for you if you’d like. Simply shoot an email to

Healing is that simple. Simple, not easy. Two steps: find the root cause of the pain and remove it. Then, plant the reality that you do want to experience. Well, a third step. Be patient with yourself while your new reality blooms. Pretend that your new, pain-free, reality is actually a rare and special seed that was planted and needs time to grow along with fresh air, sunlight and water. It’s not going to sprout out of the ground over night and neither is your new reality. Be patient, Empress.


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