Not Your Usual Family

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Today is the last day of the 10 Day Blogging Challenge and the topic is highly appropriate considering we’re little more than a week before Thanksgiving here in the US. I wonder if Anne did this on purpose.

I have a very unusual view of family and I believe this is a perfect conversation since being Empress means living your life, your way. I’m the only surviving child of a single mother. My mom and my grandparents raised me. After my grandmother died, my extended family decided to put their focus on themselves. We didn’t get together anymore, not even for holidays. Eventually, all communications between us ceased. I’m now estranged from my biological family.

So, how am I sovereign in this? I’m a Sagittarius and I LOVE to travel. I am also a cultivator of communities. Everywhere I go, I build family. The vast majority of my support system is on the East Coast. This is annoying when I require the kind of support that entails childcare. Emotional support, however is a done. freakin. deal. This yummy group of people has become my family. Now, I have sisters in New York, Maryland, Philly, Los Angeles, Memphis and more. This Empress defines family as a close knit group of people who are supportive of and loving with each other. I don’t share DNA with most of my family. How do you define family? Let me know in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Not Your Usual Family

  1. I have family & relatives. Everyone I am related to is NOT my family. And everyone who is my family is not related to me. I live in city where I grew up and a lot of my family on both sides is here. I have connected with more of my family in faraway places thanks to the internet!

  2. Such an important thing to write about! You ladies (Lila, Tiffani and others) are, in effect, signing permission slips for other people to bust out of unwieldy obligatory energetic bonds. Society may insist that we “should” maintain relationships with bio-family, but I say Don’t Should On Yourself! Do what you wanna do and don’t do whatever you don’t wanna do (it’s kind of an Aquarian motto). At the spirit level, it’s really obvious who’s kin and who ain’t. DNA is overrated!

    Anyway, I love the site and I LOVE the awesomeness that is Lila! Keep up the good light-work… 🙂

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