My Resolutions, My Way


I don’t do resolutions. It’s been years since I set New Year’s Resolutions because I never stuck to them. Then, I treated myself badly because I couldn’t stick to them. This was no bueno. One year, I came across the idea of creating a theme for the year ahead. This really struck me as a delicious practice and I’ve been practicing it ever since.

THEN, I encountered Danielle LaPorte’s work with the Desire Map and this theme was transformed into something altogether new. How do I want to feeeeel this year? Well, EPIC! That’s my word for the year. & my theme, you ask? *grinning* My theme is ‘Do epic shit like it’s normal.’ It’s a tall order and I’m rather annoyed that I even agreed to this. Since I’ve learned to trust my Inner Empress, I am going with this theme and am on the lookout for opportunities to do epic shit.

So, what about you? If you created a theme for this year, what would it be?

No ideas? Well, start with spending some quiet time alone asking yourself that very question, “What is my theme for 2014?” Go with the first thing that comes into your mind/Spirit. Your Inner Empress knows your theme for this year and if you’re quiet enough, you can hear her tell you. Go to the comment section below and tell me what you came up with. Is it as crazy interesting as mine?

Empress Lila

5 thoughts on “My Resolutions, My Way

  1. I love your epic theme! It reminds me of a quote from Lou Reed: “I’m Lou Reed. My week beats your year.” 🙂 My theme has to do with my health, and my quality of life. I learned it from reading The Secret Garden, and it’s something like knowing that I am already well; something like not bothering about dark thoughts, because life is too beautiful and too short and I need that space for light thoughts and joy. It’s something like going deeper in pleasure and spending more time outside…

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