My Pleasure Threshold

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This particular topic is perfect for me to write about right now as I just discovered my own personal Pleasure Threshold. We all seem to have a certain amount of pleasure that we can tolerate. Where we plateau in our ability to accept pleasure is our Pleasure Threshold. Over this past weekend, I discovered that my pleasure threshold was actually hovering right around survival.  

At some point, when I was 9 years old, I decided that I would stop wanting things. No longer would I have any desires because having desires was useless and painful and I felt stupid asking for something as simple as time and attention from a parent and being denied no matter how much I cried and begged. If I didn’t want anything, I wouldn’t be hurt or feel stupid. So, survival was the most pleasure I would allow myself.  

Recently, I found myself wanting something more than I had wanted anything since I was 9 years old. I’d been practicing desiring things for a few months and the disappointments barely registered on my radar. This one thing, though. When it didn’t materialize, I had an entire, sobbing in the shower, meltdown. That’s when I discovered my pleasure threshold. Right there in the shower, I realized that I hadn’t wanted anything this much in 22 years.  

The way to raise my pleasure threshold is to practice experiencing pleasure. So, I’m going nuclear with the love-bombs ( I’m setting intentions to magnetize all sorts of deliciousness. I’m going to desire deeply. This takes courage. A 22 year pattern isn’t going to rewrite itself over night. Already I’m fidning myself looking at things differently and thinking differently, however.  

Want to raise your pleasure threshold with me? I’m offering a Sacred Selfishness course where we will do just that. Email with Sacred Selfishness in the subject line for more information on how you can play with us. 😉  

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3 thoughts on “My Pleasure Threshold

  1. Lila, Love this post – it’s all too true that we unknowingly place restrictions on ourselves that somehow become our way of life. I also talked about self-imposed pleasure thresholds in my blog this week. I’ll be love-bombing too from now on 🙂

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