Love Bombs

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Today’s topic is Love Bombs and I was instantly reminded of Danielle LaPorte’s Truth Bombs. I adore Danielle. I was inspired to encourage you to bomb your life with Radical Self-Love. Get to know yourself and what makes your soul soar. Then, give those things to yourself with wild abandon. Become sacredly selfish. Treat yourself the way you want the man of your dreams to treat you. Lavish yourself with attention. Spend time doing the things that you love to do. Shower yourself with gifts, if that’s your thing. My thing is quality time and physical touch. I am now committed to spending time with myself, doing things that I adore or simply doing nothing at all. How do I fulfill that physical touch aspect of the equation for myself? I find it a bit odd, but I wrap myself up in lots of blankets. Though I’m not being touched, I am being soothed & comforted by the feeling of the weight of the blankets. I do this consciously and intentionally as a way of loving myself. Take lavish showers. Buy yourself the best shower gels and take candlelit showers. No matter how big of a rush I’m in, I light a candle and use luxurious oil (like coconut or grape seed oil) on my skin after the shower. I feel decadent and delicious afterwards.  

You get the picture, right? The point is to bomb your life with deliciousness until your cup runneth over. From this space, the entire world will be at your beck and call. You will have the reigns of your Life and you can steer your life in whatever direction you desire. Want support in getting to this space? Let’s connect. Email to schedule an Insight Session.

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