How to Reign

I must confess. This title is a bit misleading. The truth is that I can’t tell you how to reign because every Empress’ reign is unique. How you live your life will be entirely different from how I choose to live my life, which is entirely different from how my best friend lives her life, which is also different from how my neighbor lives her life and … you get the picture. There are some basic steps on how to reign in your domain with divine hands.

Initiation is the first step. You must acquaint yourself with your Inner Empress. There’s a luminous place of power at the core of your being. This is your Inner Empress. You must become intimate with Her. To get to this place, you cannot have unhealed wounds or unmet needs. The fastest path to initiation is to practice Sacred Selfishness. Sacred Selfishness is the practice of what my friend Coach Linda Yerba calls Radical Self Care. It is unapologetically ensuring that your own needs are met, that your cup is more than full, it is overflowing.

Once you’re intimately acquainted with your Inner Empress, the next step is to Awaken Her. You, Empress, have super powers. Those powers are dormant, awaiting your attention. When you have a deep understanding of your needs, are committed to having them met not-matter-what and are healing past hurts, those powers will begin to surface. You will understand how to get the things that you want in your life with ease & grace. You become a Universe Hacker, attaining desires and creating miracles out of thin air.

Now that you’ve Awaken that power, it’s time to embody it and utilize this embodiment to live your life on your terms. This is the phase of your experience where you no longer have deep pain, your needs are met so you have energy to give to others and you realize and honor your value in the world. Now, it’s time to live out your wildest dreams. Spend some time alone courting those dreams. The more intimate you are with your desires, the faster they will manifest. Enjoy living in a space of sovereignty.

Now that you know how to Reign, go forth and rule, Empress. If you would like some support with any of the above mentioned phases, shoot me an email at I would LOVE to support you.

oxo! Empress Lila

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