Practice Extreme Gratitude

We’ve all heard of the power of gratitude. So, what’s this extreme gratitude of which I speak? Well, it is the power to change your world, that’s what. How can I make such claims? It changed my world, that’s how. When I started this practice, I had 6 weeks to find a new space to live. As an adult person in a developed nation, this doesn’t seem a difficult feat, right? Wrong! I was depressed, which makes everything a difficult feat. Add to the depression single motherhood of not one but THREE minis, underemployment (I had a very underpaying freelance gig because I was too depressed to do more) and a lack of transportation and I felt pretty stuck. Within 3 weeks of starting my extreme gratitude practice, my entire living situation was resolved and what’s better, the solution came to me.

Most gratitude practices focus on the warm, fuzzy feelings or the heart swelling feelings. Extreme gratitude wants you to focus on the things that are broken in your life, the things that get on your nerves and the things that piss you off or leave you feeling heartbroken. Why? Because these are the things you desire to change and change will come through this powerful practice. The key is that you do not have to feel gratitude for the things. You simply need to write them down.

Here’s how extreme gratitude works: Everyday, within 30 minutes of rising, make a list of 5-10 things that are upsetting in your life. Your list should look like this:

Today, I give thanks:

  1. for oversleeping
  2. for my children not cooperating with me
  3.  that I forgot to follow up with that promising client yesterday
  4. that I didn’t get the new job
  5. that I don’t know how I’m going to pay the rent

Remember, you don’t have to feel grateful for these things. You simply create your list daily and forget about it. What you will find is that feelings (frustration, anger, resentment) and situations (whatever’s not working) will miraculously find resolution.

If you would like a deeper explanation of this practice, pick up a copy of ‘Make Miracles In 40 Days‘ by Melody Beattie. This book is life-changing and it arrived in my life at the perfect time.

For added miracle power, be sure to practice forgiveness.